Mamre Property Management (Pty) Ltd was established in 1999, in a highly competitive market, managing Home Owners’ Associations and Bodies Corporate. Initially, growing was slow, but since 2006 the process gained momentum and currently it is one of the fastest growing managing agents in the sectional title and home owners’ industry. Initially, Mamre managed only Home Owners’ Associations and Bodies Corporate. Currently the service offered by Mamre Property Management (Pty) Ltd includes:


  1. Management of Home Owners’ Associations.

  2. Management of Bodies Corporate.

  3. Management of an Industrial Property Owners’ Association.

  4. Management of an Industrial Body Corporate.

  5. Management of a Makro shopping complex.

  6. Management of a Lifestyle shopping complex.

  7. Management of Eco-Estates.

  8. Financing monthly levy income.

  9. Certified debt collector for the collection of levies in arrears.

  10. Residential and Commercial Rentals

  11. Property Sales


Mamre Property Management (Pty) Ltd is responsible for the day to day administration of its clients. This includes:


  1. Arrange the collection of the monthly levies/rent etc. from owners/tenants.

  2. Arrange the preparation and delivery of monthly statements.

  3. Exercise credit control timeously to recover all amounts owed to the clients in terms of current legislation.

  4. Arrange such repairs and maintenance of the common property.

  5. Pay salaries, wages, PAYE, UIF and Workmen’s Compensation.

  6. Assist in providing service contracts, advice on the disciplinary codes and agreement procedures and the conduct of disciplinary hearings.

  7. Advise the Body Corporate in connection with the insurance of the buildings and improvements, and for any other insurance which may be required as well as facilitation of the initial contact between client, contractor and insurer is as far as the relevant legislation is concerned.

  8. Pay the annual / monthly insurance premiums.

  9. Pay or recover all bona fide expenses incurred.

  10. Undertakes the accounting and secretarial duties.


The growth of Mamre Property Management can be attributed to two aspects:


  1. Sound business procedures and principles.

  2. Motivated and competent staff.


Mamre’s staff policy entails:


  1. Staff is considered the single most important asset of Mamre.

  2. Staff is encouraged and sponsored to attend appropriate courses and seminars.

  3. Any vacancies are filled by appointing people with suitable experience and a willingness to grow.

  4. The general staff policy includes the following:

    • Staff have the right to question the ways in which Mamre does things and propose solutions that may lead to progress.

    • Staff have the right to contribute, to voice your opinion, to differ from others without fear of retribution.

    • Staff have the right to give information, assistance and feedback, and to ask to help in the process of promoting Mamre.

    • Staff have the right to investigate different ways to improve service rendering and to choose the best method to provide for clients’ needs.

    • Staff have the right to seek learning opportunities and utilise those in the process of assuming responsibility for your own growth.






Mamre Property Management (Pty) Ltd aspires to be the leading property manager to enhance the interests of it’s clients, suppliers, staff and owners.




  • Mamre is committed to professional behaviour and ethical standards in all its actions.

  • Mamre operates all its activities in accordance with sound business principles.

  • Mamre respects the human dignity of its employees and deems them to be an indispensable asset.

  • Mamre deems its staff and clients to be its most important asset.

  • Mamre does not discriminate against any person.




  • Creating an extraordinary customer satisfaction.

  • Developing new products or services.

  • Ensuring quality and responsiveness of customer services.

  • Providing an enjoyable work environment for employees.

  • Ensuring financial strength and sustainable growth of the company for the benefit of its Stakeholders.